Forex trading success stories in south africa

The Wizards finished the year on a positive note, with December taking the index back to positive territory to finish the year just above zero. Abraham Trading was founded by Forex trading success stories in south africa Abraham, after he was introduced to Managed Futures and Trend Following by Jerry Parker.

Altis Partners started trading in 2001. Program tracked: Aspect Capital Diversified Program. Beach Horizon was created as a fully automated trend following subsidiary of Beach Capital Mgt, founded by David Beach. Two of the founders of Beach Horizon had early involvement in AHL. Company is one of the oldest Trend Following firms, operating for around 4 decades. Chesapeake Capital was founded by Jerry Parker, a former Turtle. Clarke Capital was founded by Michael Clarke in 1993.

Covenant Capital is a CTA from Nashville. Illinois in 1992 by Bernard Drury. Dunn Capital was founded by Bill Dunn. Eckhardt Trading is the firm managed by William Eckhardt, who co-led the Turtle experiment with Richard Dennis.

EMC Capital was founded by Liz Cheval, a former Turtle. Estlander is a Finnish CTA, founded by Martin Estlander. Graham Capital was founded in 1994 by Ken Tropin, previously a Director of JWH. Hawksbill Capital was founded by Tom Shanks, a former Turtle. ISAM’s main individuals are Larry Hite and Stanley Fink, both instrumental in the success of MAN AHL. Lynx Asset Management is a multi-billion CTA out of Sweden.